Ok then so the net is up on my side, missed a few potential WC3 matches with my NS friends onsite updates, forum visits, news and got tons & tons of much more junk mail to clear. Ya know bout the thing about these junk mail, they still keep coming after you try (unendlessly) to unsub from. And to think about it, they really think people online are all crazy about viagra, enlarging your privates of even tuning to digital TV for some personal business. This is really irritating, not to mention the deleting frenzys and possiblity of junking important personal mail lost in the pool of JUNK MAIL. *JUNK MAIL SUXS, twistys!* *wink* *wink*

Ok, so stuffs of the week worth mentioning. I’ve passed the Highway situational test on thursday, very easy it you get the hang of it. It makes me wonder why such 1-1 (student-to-tester) oral tests on traffic situations are scrapped in commerial driving schools. MMmm, partly because disagreements would normally mean tables and chairs flying here and there from party to party?

There would be balancing skill test next week, namely balancing on planks, rib bridges with timing, the notorious figure of 8 and salom the course, all followed by E-brake and (yea this one is freaking outdated) the push start tests. Must pass the test man, if not REMINDIAL. argh!

On the headlines, there had been alot of talk lately, mainly bout the freak accidents in Hendon camp. Dumbos, drowning people in survivor courses….

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