Its coming to the end of the week… (If ya weeks don’t start on a sunday it is so.) it had been a fun week and letssee.. my horoscope next week tells me to “pay attention and don’t neglect my family”.. Mmmm time to call ’em folks up more times a day… *duh*

Tomorrow will be start of another work day, monday. Oh well, so much for monday blues like what Garfield experience, weekly!

Btw, on fixing the problem with the worms 3D demo, after unzipping the game files just rename the run.cmd file in the root directory to run.bat, execute it to run. Game wise, controlling the worm in a 3D environment does take sometime to get used to, esp after playing 3 generation worms in a 2D environment.

Monday here we come!

Currently Listening: Linkin Park- Numb

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