Watched “Finding Nemo” today at GV marina with my NS friends and our happy ORDing Platoon Sgt. Went to Breeks buffet dinner thereafter after window shopping around the marina-suntec area. Finding Nemo turned out nicer than I expected it to be, and I can say its quite worth every of my $6.50 spent, and yea I kinda like the sea turtle character dude.. 150 years old? no problem!

On some updates I’ve missed- Upgraded my phone’s firmware yesterday, had lunch with my mum at Wisma Jacks place and brought a not-very-new game ‘Freedom Force’ at PK computers Hereen while my phone’s off for 3 hours at the Orchard serivce center. And guess what? they’ve upgraded my SL45 to the SL45i firmware. Coupled with the 128MB TwinMOS card I’ve brought previously, now I can virtually save and run tons of any Java game or application I get my hands on. Not to mention the ablity to store load more songs for my listening pleasure. Didn’t know my phone is so expandable. Lolz!

Mmm its time I updated the downloads page too, its really freakin old, bout 3 years old as a matter of fact! will be working on that tml. Stay tuned!
Currently Listening: Evanesence- Bring Me To Life


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