This week is cough and sore throat week, yea…all the PT and shouting, echoing and singing, I’ve lost my voice for the last 2 days, dammit. It said so too that the water on tekong is not as clean as that on the mainland. The notorious “tekong cough” and common sore throat will set in initially where we recruits will become immune to such water later on. Good thing tough, as my parents are kinda worried of my present “sickly” condition. Otherwise, I am feeling quite well, not much problems.

The ptp phase is kinda slack compared to the future BMT phase, and the company annex (aka leisure room) is a place we all go to enjoy our free time. In the newer future, the annex will be having a new addition- a brand new playstation 2, can’t wait to get our hands on it. Considering how many other company mates we have to wrestle through to get hold of the controller. Darn! I am getting tried of watching movies, playing pool, table football and carem! Lets get on with it!

Lastly, just had a second haircut yesterday, just when our platoon managed to get all our hair grown back covering our heads and appreciating “natural coverings”. The tekong barber anuites are back with their tools and whirrr, almost botak again…. On the brighter side, hey! I’ve gotten my first month’s army allowance already (yea!)- hopefully, I can save up enough to get this cool baby. Oh well, weekends here I come!

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