The Colt M16S1 assault rifle which I would using soon. A time which I had been looking forward to. Guess all those time spent on time crises arcade and first person shooter games will get me thingering to get this baby out for a try. Though the aniticpation of doing well in marksmanship, the thing which kinda give me 2nd thoughts of handling a rifle is its actual firepower- there is a very large gap between real firearms and that on computer games. A single M16 shot can kill, but in games it can even take many more shots to kill, say.. in the game of Half-life counter-strike.

Then there are stories left to be told by our officers of true firearm accidents during training and the different way their victims die from it (Not to metion the all popular ghost stories). For instance, a GPMG (general pupose machine gun) have a actual power of about 12 M16s rifles and how one shot through a person can leave an exit wound about 20-30cm in diameter (and surely won’t want to be in its way). All these incidents taught us a much and gave an impression that your issued rifle is a force not to be reconed with and must be treated with due and utmost respect.

On well, at least gone soon are the days of messing and playing around with rubber moulded “dummy rifles” lolz

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