In the light of our current situation, the reality of war against Iraq is kinda looming above our heads. Reading from the papers, many had protested against that: millions in Europe and thousands in Malaysia, In Singapore? haiz! the protestors are even arrested and sent for questioning even before they can raise their plycards!

Well, many of course will go against the action of war, its kinda common sense. But think deeper and ask yourself, is that the only way out of this? will peace really too be achieved through this form of peace? Personally war, is not my cup of tea too, but if sacrifices have to be made, well so be it. But too there comes to the question: is it worth it? I leave this to rest here.

Mmm, wish myself luck on my enlistment on tuesday.. got one more day… monday to party.. *sigh* Hope I will be able to book out by the secondth week.. keke

Random thoughts: We may define peace as the absence of war, but without war, will there be peace?

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