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Monday, June 17, 2019
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How to schedule less than daily (Weekly, monthly) Windows Server Backups in Task Scheduler

One of the frustrating things about Window server backup is the inflexibility and inability to specify a backup frequency other than daily backups and nothing less than once a day. Especially if you are...

How to reduce/shrink Linux XFS volumes in LVM

XFS is the default file system on CentOS 7 and RHEL 7 as a very viable alternative to ext3 and ext4, particularly with awesome new freeze and snapshot features of xfs (xfs_freeze, snapshot, xfs_unfreeze,...

Fixing infinite boot loop between Windows 8 boot loader and GRUB

Going in addition to my previous blog post of installing and running Android 4.0 (Ice cream sandwich) on your x86 based system. I encountered an interesting infinite boot loader loop problem evident only if...

Testing Home Ethernet points with RJ45/RJ11 Cable Tester

To address whether your home Ethernet wall cabling is up to scratch, I produced a tutorial video detailing on how to use an RJ45/RJ11 Cable Tester to do so. With a video, I shall...

Tutorial – Build your own DIY home theater personal computer

A home theater PC is very much alike a regular home PC, only that it is used mainly more for media and visual needs. Also given the increasing adoption of alternative medias such as...

Technology – Above & Beyond

10 years ago, when we are all still thinkering cheap $20 mini arcade toys or with pagers & alphanumeric morse codes in school I never thought of the day where everyone my family would...

Mind your own problems… and modem – Singnet

One problem, one too many, I am quite fad up with an incident trying get my modem repaired today but never got anything done at all. It have to be like that, the day...

Taipei IT malls, Guanghua Mall and Syntrend Creative Park, Taiwan

Taiwan is the home of global electronics, or at least most of them call home here before being shipped to all parts of the world. If you are in the DIY computer scene, big...

UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer)

Apparently, Microsoft is coming up with a new line of UMPC (Ultra Mobile Personal Computer), code-named Origami. It will be a seemless blend between our current PDAs & tablet/notebook PCs. So far the closest...

Gaming Workstation MIA, exams sighted, training behind

My primary workstation is down again, actually since early last week due to some operating system corruption, but didn't have the time to dismount the backup drives and put in another install of Windows...

Launch of Avengers themed affordable Windows 10 devices

Microsoft Singapore, together with local device distributor E-Huge Technology hosted a launch event at Hungry Heroes café Singapore tonight to release 3 new Windows 10 devices with licensed Marvel Avengers paint jobs. The choice...

Re-capping the PSU failure

Mmm didn't really get much of blogging lately. Anyway here are some worthy highlights of the last week worth noting. I did mentioned that I got myself an Antec True Power-II 480W Power supply unit...


Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure, Moscow

Gorky Central Park of Culture and Leisure is a central park located at Krymsky Val in Moscow, Russia. It is one of the few...

Peranakan Museum Singapore

The State Tretyakov Art Gallery Museum Moscow

Don Don Donki City Square mall

Wok in Burger Bukit Merah Alexandra

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