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25th Dec
Saturday, December 25th, 2004

Its Christmas

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I guess a new resolution for me next year is to post much shorter, concise posts like this one.

😀 And so, christmas is the time of giving, or say the joy of giving, having say spent at least $250 on presents for my family & friends, guess it just the spirit of giving (& spending), the spirit of Christmas. haha!

Had dinner at AV the famous Rong Guang bbq seafood resturant before dropping by cousin gordon’s place to pass some goodies to his family. Headed to granny’s for the night, & I get to drove home thereafter.

🙄 Finished with the line art for my Straits Time classified graffti art competition, would be scanning it in for colour tomorrow or so. If you think of entering the competition, better don’t cos.. am gonna beat ya all! *blechz!*

Merry Christmas everyone.

24th Jul
Saturday, July 24th, 2004

Geared ahead.

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It had been almost one month since I’ve touched my guitar… 🙁 or actually found time to relax & play the new games I’ve got the pass month… *sob* the absolute pressures of the Army Half marathon & Open house are definitely eating into my schedules, not to mention my weekend rest periods. Whats things becoming too? And why am I using such precious weekends to do work? so much for being dedicated, even the pay increment for NSFs next month won’t compensate much… anyway what can a merger $150 increase do?

On a lighter side, managed to get a off period next monday afternoon for my driving test. Here it is, drawing nearer, part II. here I go… getting geared for the test. 😯

11th Jun
Friday, June 11th, 2004

A post for thought…

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And here I am posting from my friend’s house after waterpool training tonight. Cheers to Whelan, Darryl & John who’s computer I am at posting this blog now. Looking back, Its a rather interesting week, firstly with me getting another shitty extra from my PC *darn* together with John, who actually ummm, got 2? Theres more, followed by lots of prep for activities in camp. Furthermore didn’t know that the Army open house thing which I expressed interest in joining was actually something at a scale so big: our job scope is very much a publicity job, very much of promoting the event with the media, adverts & even the NDP. Though I don’t want to count the chickens before they are hatched but the shirt which could be used in the open house may actually be designed by my commitee- the AOH creative commitee.

22nd Nov
Saturday, November 22nd, 2003

A “worthwhile” day

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Today will be unlike most of my usual saturdays. Namely able to actually get out of camp with energy to go to the driving center (Bukit Batok) for registration, shop and even spend the night out after a long hard shag week. And so there I was book(ed)-out, hailed a cab for a 6 bucks trip to BBDC (no bonuses, its not crazy taxi dudes), then theres registration, instant photos, briefing and stuff loads. (thought he chick at the cashier counter was cute) then it a walk to bukit gombak MRT for some lunch, didn’t find anything nice to eat there so took an MRT to westmall for lunch at the 4th level foodcourt.

Drop by cyberactive, Need for speed Underground is up at stores for a solid $49.90, would be waiting for the price to drop to around $44.90 before purchasing it. Otherwise, theres always the heeren card discount to bring that down (yea bout that too, I just recieved it.. yea!)

Damn, next tuesday would be a public holiday, Hari Haya Puasa. But not for me as theres camp guardduty up my ass. But luckily for me my CSM aka “ang chek” argeed to give us guard duty personnel a day off in the (very) near future. Would be looking forward to that. *grins*

And so there came the unexpected message from Lester this morning too, kinda last minute and almost got my schedule messed up for awhile. As it would be good to get together us sec sch friends again and catch up with times. In the end, managed to allocate for a 8.30pm meet at TB plaza after dinner with my fam at AV.

After trying out the GBA SP I loaned from my bunkmate over the weekend, still deciding whether to invest in a gameboy advanced SP, they can play quite afew3D games now, not to mention a great time buster in-camp. Or should I stick to the Java games and emulators in my phone instead? *dot*dot*dot*

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1st Nov
Saturday, November 1st, 2003

Thoughts for thoughts

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Stores everywhere are putting up Christmas deco now, even before taking down their Halloween ones.. urgh! My mum obviously had nothing much to do, pulling me and my sis to a beauty spa at Midpoint, boring! Marche was the place for dinner and drinking yesterday, the grill area is having a chicken mushroom stew with mashed potatoes… *slurp* then theres the usual finishing pizza, with my usual toppings of pineapple, prawns, peppers, chicken and ham. Theres no onstage performance tonight and gutton’s competition today.. so no free desserts. Lol!

There will be lots of hot phones coming out 4Q, 2003/1Q, 2004, namely the Nokia 6230, 7700 and Siemens SX1. I am currently deciding between the few. The 7700 is a little tad large being a PDA phone, but I love the touch screen and the full screen standard websurfing style/ablity (though 640×320 is a damn small res for websurfing now, but its a far cry from the other phones). The 6230 and SX1 are both similar in features, only that the Nokia 6230 is an EDGE 3G phone, being smaller, lighter but spots a smaller 128×128 screen and don’t run the better Symbian 60 series OS like the Siemens one.

And mmm, the Subaru impreza challenge is on for some days, this time there definately more competitors in the game with more cars compared to last’s year’s only one car. I wish them luck on it, frankly I see much better things to do than just putting your hands on a car for days or even weeks in a row, well…. Singapore *aheh* is well known for such endurance, esp queue power…. so let them show their stuffs.

So much for island-wide dirt bike riding on Friday and the day before, only thing’s that last night’s night riding is definately more interesting than the rest- RAIN! yea, it definately adds to the thrill, danger and exciting, not to mention going at bout 75km/h max on the ECP.. kinda slow, but not on a bike!… fun! hehheh.. Public bike riding riding don’t scare me now… da horns just grow naturally on ya head, and I can say the same for the rest in my riding team. Coming up on next monday is an island-wide off-road adventure, time to get down and muddy….

Matrix revoluions will be outin 3 days time… yea! but for now…. I gotta get rid of those cappuccino stains left on the keyboard this morning…..

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26th Oct
Sunday, October 26th, 2003

Lazy – I like!

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So what to do in this humid sunday afternoon… Its JAVA MADNESS again, and there I was downloadin’ tons of freeware java midlets of the net. And there was the 2 dictionaries, (one Webster one.. whee) to name afew: a thesaurus, 20+ new games, scheduler, pda functions, movie and image viewers, email cilents, first aid manuals, references, vocab/graphing tool and mobile internet browsers… whew! and all these took up nearly 12MB on my phone’s storage space. I think when the Siemens SX1 phone is released, I would consider upgrading to a 1GB MMC flash card.

On top of that, my dad kinda went like DIY crazy and just replaced literally everyroom lamp and switch in the house (he had been planning… with his arsenal of tools and parts, todays sadly d-day), with the mains down for that, it kinda interupted my net access for the day, (not to mention the food warming and bacterial built-up in the fridge) And Mmm, the place do seem cleaner and brighter now, but I think it could mainly due to the freakin stained lamp old covers that seem to previously cast more shadows than light around the house…

Lazy sunday, shit! monday’s tomorrow, work-day, bike public road riding test… arghh!

19th Oct
Sunday, October 19th, 2003

IQ test

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Received my IQ test score today, it not very much the feeling of recieving a $1M in the mail or my dinky SAT scores, but just very ‘cool’. So why did I take that, well it was mainly outta few contributing factors, namely out of 90% curiosity, 1% ignorance, 1% evilness, 8% dumbness & and most of all its “for fun”. So what did I get? not the very much a freak score, but rather 139. Considering that Einstein scored 160 in his test, I guess I am rather much ‘ok’. With that in hand, it shouldn’t really add much shitload either. *sigh* Mind me, maybe I should go continue researching more on my time travel theory…

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17th Sep
Wednesday, September 17th, 2003

Mr Softee..

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*licks icecream* Mmm 7-eleven is having a Mr softee special- 2 cups for $1.20.. how can I miss that?


*eyes starbucks mocha on the weekends again*


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29th Jun
Sunday, June 29th, 2003

Wonders of tidying your room

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As chaotic as it looks, its time I started tidying my room… again! And heck didn’t know doing so can land you into a flu, not to mention the amount of dust lifted in the process, talking bout sensitive noses… :p
*time passes* And so everything’s much neater now, personally speaking and did get to “unearth” several old stuffs I’ve not seen for sometime, namely old school bios, photos and such, does bring back lots of old memories. Oh well, it would be sometime before I start the next summer-cleaning up too. 😀 *duh*

On national serivce, time really pass very fast in camp and I am already onto the 3rd (of the 10th week) of BSLC in the specialists’ school. Did really get to learn lots of interesting stuffs there, namely handling genade launchers, LAWS, SAWS, mines and signal sets. And man! they are definately more devastating than what you get to experience in computer games *grins*. Would be “choinging” next week, time to get down and dirty again…

Warcraft3 Frozen throne would be out in 2 days time, would be looking forward to that. Games to look forward to these few months:


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6th Feb
Thursday, February 6th, 2003

The Net

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Channel I just screened the movie, “The Net”, though quite an old show (1995) it is really a very interesting one depicting what can go wrong in the world of the internet- a very unique idea indeed. Thumbs up to that show!

1st Feb
Saturday, February 1st, 2003


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*counts angbao money while typing this post*

keke *grins*

Have a good year ahead!

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