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7th Mar
Wednesday, March 7th, 2007

IPPT go or no go?

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Got a call from my NS bunkmate Daryl yesterday asking whether I was posted to a unit. Apparently most of us commanders even our troopers had calls on their postings over the pass weeks, except for a few including me. With my IPPT window closing soon comes the big question – must I take IPPT when I did not even receive any SMS, mails or calls at all? Is it compulsory?

Called the NS.sg hotline on the matter, apparently the operator will always give the politically correct answer to take it. They were especially panicky or “kan-qiong” after they learnt from the reocrds that my IPPT window will close in 2 weeks time, even I seem not much bothered about it all. But I guess I have to commend on the good phone operator service, they even offered to register and do a walkthrough of the new electronic IPPT system at the safra club venues, which I declined as I had to confirm my schedules and the proximity of the various test venues. Otherwise, not bad at all.

Chatted with my other NS Bunkmate aka long lost “Yohn” on MSN today, not only catching up on times but even getting to know that he already went for 1 ICT and took IPPT there, but failed. Unlike most of my other friends who told me to “only take when you receive a call-up/letter” or “maintain a low profile” (or risk your chances of being called up, i.e do not take IPPT like what some had done for 5 years already), Yohn recommended me to take it even I am not posted to any unit, just to “cover my backside”- Just as what I was thinking along the line as well better be safe than sorry, so I guess I should schedule one next week then, before my KL marathon.

I just wonder even if I do take the IPPT, if I am not posted to any unit, where do they send the results to? And who’s going to process my IPPT bonus when I get a Gold or Silver?

I guess as notorious and messed up SAF administrations are, even if I get a Gold or Silver, I guess I am prepared not to even get my bonus, just like missing my marksman bonus during my active days, anything in “out of the blue” would be just a “bonus”.

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