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13th Apr
Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Not CoreDuo after all

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Fujitsu T4020 Tablet PC

With CoreDuo laptops slowly making it’s way into the market, apparently some tech-savy consumers like me is fad up in waiting for such new computers to hit mainstream, whether its a new laptop for my sis or a new tablet for me.

It just takes too long for any new processor release to come out, especially when you urgently need a laptop for school.

In that limelight, I guess I would not wait for Fujitsu to launch the new coreduo tablets (aimed around end this year) & get the year-old Sonoma Laptops, mainly due to 4 reasons:

  1. Firstly, its taking computer companies freakin’ forever to release one,
  2. even if it out, it will be freakin’ expensive, (especially for tablet PCs) & moreover,
  3. it will take months before it’s offered to schools at student rates, often being 4) largely scaled down models (in terms of specs) contrary to those offered to direct regular consumers.

But won’t doing so be an insult to all my research? Not to mention time spend into spotting of good hardware which can last a consumer? Personally even if that is so, the bad out weighs the good I believe. I guess when you need a laptop now, the more important thing is to get it when you need it then.

The Laptop I will be getting for Sheena will be a 2Ghz Centrino 760 Laptop with 1GB ram, DVD-RW writer & ATI X600 graphics card. Despite being 1 year old tech, its still quite a powerhouse I can say, more than sufficient to last her a long time for multimedia work, casual gaming & into the Windows Vista operating system with Aeroglass enabled. I won’t mention on the brand & price here, as it meant to be a surprise for her, so as mum wanted.

For me, I will be going for the very much slower (1.73Ghz) yet funnily, much more expensive Fujitsu T4020 tablet PC. I had been eyeing this model since last September, hoping that Fujitsu releases a successor to it, but I guess even if they do, even with different specs (Current Sonoma, Intel GMA900, compared to the speculated new CoreDuo, Intel GMA950 model, & considering my 4 points listed above) both models still sux ass at 3D gaming, but more than enough for regular school work, lectures & photoshopping/programming so whats the point waiting? Moreover, if I get a tablet now, life will be so much easier for me at school & work. Not to mention able to start on my online webcomic, Ratz!

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