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29th Apr
Saturday, April 29th, 2006

Dinner at Ban Seng

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Night at Singapore River

Was a Plaza Singapura to close a deal with a client on a school social networking site, headed to the Simlim area thereafter for lunch with my colleague Andy before dropping by Simlim square to shop for a speed ball & bluetooth module for my laptop. Andy wanted a CRT monitor for his friend who got a new computer but ended up going for an LCD after combing the whole of Simlim & considering that prices aren’t actually that different either.

Ultimately, the monitor purchase was held back due to delays in the delivery of the new Acer computer. Nevertheless I am looking to sell my current 17″ Viewsonic E70f+ Silver & Black Flatscreen CRT for at leat $60 + a Maxel Brand Screen Filter, which Andy might consider getting too. Currently my monitor is still retailing at $178 in Simlim Square presently, so I guess that quite a good offer I guess.

Interestingly, Mum is at it again with all our special evening Dinner, this time at an old restaurant called Ban Seng where we used to frequent, now moved near the Riverwalk area. But later do we know they moved again across the Anderson bridge to the Quayside night pub area. Near the spot where the very first Cyber Cafe opened in Singapore (& where I got to surf while still in primary school with cakes & drinks… thou there is not much difference to that & my habits presently).

Overall the food was ok till the fish dish came, the fish meat was bouncy & hard, though cooked. Like as if the fish was caught & cook while still tensed & contracted in shock. They refused to take the fish back so, a move they can make but won’t see us a a returning customer so soon either. So much for an early birthday celebration dinner for dad! Chilled out around the area (besides grocery shopping at cold storage thereafter.. duh) before calling it a night.

28th Apr
Friday, April 28th, 2006

Computer Arrived! Day Driver

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SP at noon, thru tinted class windows

Got a call from 8 flags Computers around 5.30pm on thursday afternoon which I missed (was in the gym during that time after school). Recapping, dad loaned me the car for today just in case I needed to drive to the store to collect it (so as after he found out the “interesting-ness” of bus commuting to work). So its very much a car commuting day me for to school. Called the store right at morning opening hour while still at school to confirm the order, yes indeed it had arrived, all spanking new from Japan, in one week too, my Fujitsu T4020. Strange that Sheena’s laptop order was placed earlier but had not arrived yet. Nevertheless, linked up with mum after my last class ending noon at school where we drove to NTU for yong tau foo lunch at Canteen B, followed by the collection of the laptop.

😯 The interesting thing is that 3% extra is charged when we pay by Visa, a payment mode preferred by mum for an expensive $3100+ laptop. Anyway, neither do we know finding ourselves almost emptying the NTU’s ATM machines just to draw out cash from both our accounts to pay in cash overall. Thank goodness the Progress Package came early, if not I would had definitely left a big hole in my account! Checked for dead pixels at Canteen B just outside the store, so as they have a policy not to do so in-store, weirdos. Anyway the initial boot & check was a success, no dead pixels & system functioning a-ok. Drove mum direct to work thereafter, as her bus fare there will be just as much as the ERP into the CBD anyway, then back home to open the bag of goodies.

My Fujitsu T4020

On top of the system, a lapmate thumbdrive, optical mouse & Fujitsu haversack was included as well. Marcomedia Studio 8 is in the package but have to be collected at a later date due to expired stocks. The interesting thing is the laptop haversack, out of the ordinary old traditional black laptop sling bags. This one definately not only looks contemporary, its also most importantly, discreet. Back at home, what else can I do but to get installing all my programs & benchmarking with 3D Mark 2001 & 2003. Scores are a little dingy at 5000 3D marks, but its a business work lappy anyway, so I guess its very much acceptable, just Doom 3 is largely out of the question. Nevertheless I love my new lappy!

:mrgreen: The afternoon was very much spent warming & customising the system, till the evening where Sheena & me drove to SGX to pick my mum from work, followed by dad. Dad’s working overtime so he caught us very much late at 8.30pm+ where we made our way to Red Lion Zhe Cha at Redhill Market for Dinner in place of the vegetarian buffet at excellor hotel near Hillstreet, or even the intended Zhe Cha at Zion Road food market. This time I can really say I took the car for the whole day, driving my family all around & finally back home at the end of the day. Man the millage… & man was I tried.. but otherwise happy with my new toy!

26th Apr
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Knowing the class better

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Mechanics II Class

It more than one week in class, & finally with updated news, our Mechanics Lecturer is actually our class tutor! Mr Goh Kim Seng is a contemporary stylish lecturer, who is well, not very much well-known in the looks department. But he sure is a good teacher and behaves really professionally as an educator, very unlike the standard stereotypical teachers at his age group.

Looking forward to him and his lectures to come!

There will be a blood donation drive going on in school, would be considering donating as 2 CCA points are awarded for successful donors. Details as follows:

A blood donation held on campus next week:

Date: 02 to 04 May 2006, Tuesday to Thursday
Time: 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Place: Vanda Room (Level 2 Staff Centre, next to the swimming pool)
Please bring along your NRIC or International Passport, 2 CCA points will be awarded to successful donors.

This will be my 2nd time donating blood, & the first time CCA points are actually awarded for donating in SP (The previous semester drive didn’t give CCA points. So no points no blood! too bad! wahahaha). Umm anyway, its also for the good & generous giving I guess? 😉 Now I just got to find my HSA blood donor’s record card for ease of the donating process.

CNC Machining Class

😈 One week & the heat is really coming up, if its not the lack of coolant in our CNC machining, its projects, presentations & homework piling up. The SAA called me up yesterday morning during class to confirm my nomination & application for the Nigaloo marine park research project on Whale Sharks in Australia. They gave the impression of very tough requirements needed to get into the research team. Shortlisted will be interviewed & must spot not only good attitude, but must be able to swim very effectively as well. The prestige is relative either, as selected will not only represent SP in a team of 3 out of the total 6 for the project but will be like an indirectly representation of Singapore, sponsored by NYAA & HSBC.

👿 With that aside, my phone’s short battery life is definitely getting on me, hope its a software drain or so as it can only last like 2 full days or normal usage, even if it’s a hi-capacity battery. Previously it can last like 4-5 days tops. & a single short call won’t reduce the battery by 50%. I was really hoping that my trusty Siemens SX1 can last me more another year or so.

🙄 2 Laptops still on the waiting list from Asiapac, but no word from them yet, though they said they would all me end of the month. Grrr why it takes so long for them to get laptops from Japan?

26th Apr
Wednesday, April 26th, 2006

Band-Aid Weaving

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Weaving your Band-Aids not only keep them on for longer periods of time, but keeps your wounds clean & hygienic as well. & who else will think of such interesting – oh – I – never – thought – of – that improvements our japanese friends can think of!

:mrgreen: Its a very neat way to apply bandaids securely & cleanly on your fingers. It just a matter of splitting the tape end of the bandaid & fold to stick them according to your needs. Moreover its allows comfortable & secure application on finger joints – a troublesome spot for bandaid application. Watch the video to find out more!

23rd Apr
Sunday, April 23rd, 2006

Dinner at Holiday Inn

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Dinner at Holiday Inn Parkview

Saturday’s dinner was a Holiday Park Inn, where Mum treated for one of her clients in thanks for them their family purchased more than 3 units of land from her land banking job. What’s more, we are there too to join them as part of a dinner gathering as well.

Mum does Land Banking as a side job on top of her day job & I guess shes getting along quite well with it on the start. She does land banking with Walton International & is a Canadian based company who is known to offer very safe low-risk investment opportunities over a moderate short-mid term period. The way this works is buying raw land when its dirt cheap, let Walton put in the development plans & cash in on the exit when developers buy over the land, usually with at least 200% increase in value. Sounds simple? Yes moreover as raw land value can only go up, on the norm, you will never actually lose investment value with a cash out of at least the value you invested initially. The bad points are the relative large capital barrier to actually buy units of land at the start & cash pumped into the investment won’t be liquid for years (ready cash) till the exit procedure, when you “cash in”.

Holiday Inn Parkview

It had been sometime I’ve eaten at Holiday Inn parkview, being tucked in a corner from orchard road in the Cuppage area beside the CTE. Being an international buffet, you can very much expect the usual few like sushi, local, indian & western flavours, not a very big spread I say, focussing mainly on local dishes only. The Lor Mee section is self help & prata is self serve too.

There is no Seafood either, only variant are prawns & crabsticks seen mixed as cooked food or in salads, can’t ask much for about $35/head either. Overall the ambience is quite professionally done, service is not disappointing but otherwise not that impressive either. A good place to eat in good comparision to furama/alson hotel of similar budget caliber. Oh yea did I mention their ice cream is one of the richest I ever tried?

Thats definitely a plus to end the dinner as desert too!

21st Apr
Friday, April 21st, 2006

Track Freshmen Meet

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Track & Field Booth

And there we have it the first week of school, all done with the CCA booths, scholarships applications & such. The scholarships are very hot this semester, with long queues & crowds for application submission in the SAA. Wish I can get it, (as I didn’t last year). Hope my results can at least bring me somewhere or at least a viable mean of removing some financial burden of some new purchases over the month & so. Overall the week ended quite in a manageable way, lots of design, homework & revisions up on the first week already due next week, not to mention presentations to give on the third week of school. Food-wise, my favorite Yong Tau Foo store at food court 3 changed tender again, this time from fried Kaka Yong Tau Foo to the regular fresh healthy versions now, very much a welcome & overall very much cheaper too (7 items + rice/noodle) about $2.20. But I guess it can’t beat NTU Food court B $1.60 Curry Yong Tau Foo.

Collected my Scuba Sea Card today at the Scuba club’s CCA booth, very much in hand with a NYAA (National Youth Achievement Awards) program. Initially I knew about the program coming around through the school intranet email.

NAUI Scuba Diver Card

Response wasn’t so good with no students signing up so far. Maybe that was a blessing in disguise when my classmate Khow Ming hinted me to join the conservation project, partly as he himself is in it as well. The project will be a 1 week project held during our term holidays, on the study of whale sharks in a lagoon western Australia, sponsored by NYAA themselves & HSBC, totaling $55,000 in all for 6 volunteers (3 from SP).

Basic requirements is the ability to swim at least 200m & skin dive to a depth of 5m, not something which I can’t do, being a Scuba Diver myself, I guess being a skin & Scuba Diver definitely gives an edge in the project, not to mention able to camp underwater for hours with gear on, together with my love for marine creatures as well. Ahh the harmony of interests… not it a matter being approved for it now… But not bad while others have to frantically go through nominations & paperwork to sign on the project, I got all of mine done within a few hours, efficient? Maybe because I know my resources…

The day ended with the first track training with the freshmen, where we seniors each have to take a group of about 6 freshmen, totaling about 6+ groups in all. Quite a healthy sum. We get to lead them all through the warm up run to the stretching process, drills & eventually having to compete in a friendly relay match. Strengthening exercises followed thereafter with proper cool down then a ending pep talk by coach before dismissal. Overall the attendance, though good, coach speculated that only about a handful like 30%-40% will only stay as regulars, the others more of less just “testing the water”. From the relays we can really tell who are the better & fitter runners, not to mention the probability of them staying, I guess all these can be rather uncharted as well.

20th Apr
Thursday, April 20th, 2006

Ordered my T4020

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Dad left the car with me again today! Why? cus I will be dropping my NTU to purchase my T4020, so transport is essential today, if you wonder what a T4020 is, just read my previous blog posts on it. Anyway, drove down to NTU from home with mum after breakfast to meet Shup Ping (aka Shuppedo) at the NTU innovation center where we made our way to 8 flags to place the order, they say it would be available in about 2-3 weeks time, hope it will be down in time for my presentations out in a few weeks time. Had lunch at the nearby Food court B, a bowl of yong tau foo (5 items) with noddle & curry soup for only $1.60! A record low price I may say.

Dropped mum off along the Clementi AYE bus stop where she could take a bus trip to work. So as she requested as there’s a direct bus from there to her workplace, so its kinda convenient for her to take a bus rather than me fetching her into the CBD which is ultimately more time consuming & costly. Also considering the possibility of me being late for class later in the afternoon by doing so. With that, I got the car for me for drive to school! Technically speaking, mum is just there to “foot the bills” otherwise a mobile ATM you may say, haha anyway how can I fork out like $3100 at one go? Of course not without the magic magnetic cards your parents have, oh well that if the facts are right.

Drive to NTU

The last time I drove Dad’s car was early this week, before that, was months ago. But I guess driving & handling are very much second nature to me now, you can afford not to drive for a few months & yet the controls & handling comes on very naturally, you don’t have to think how to change gears, revise foot paddle positions, etc which is good I think. The only thing bad is that I forgot some routes on the area I was travelling due to familar landmarks being removed due to road resufacing/painting, particularly around the BKE/KJE – PIE split on the highway from NTU, man was that part disorientating with a 4 lane highway suddenly splitting into 2 at the center!

Millege for today: Home – NTU – SP – Home – Dad’s workplace
I was almost tried of driving at the end of the day, so Dad took over the wheel after I more or less “brought the car to him” (where I picked him from work). Went to pick mum up from work before making our way for zee cha dinner at Red Lion coffee shop at Redhill Market. When its time to call it a day thereafter.

I recalled a section in class of our teacher explaining to us the personality aspects of left & right brainers, he even had a test for us to take to determine our active brain side. 18/20 in my class are left brainers, only the remaining 2, Khow Ming & Me are right brainers, is that bad?

19th Apr
Wednesday, April 19th, 2006

School opens, New class

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CAA Sign Ups Day

School started off rather smoothly, you definately can’t miss the freshies around the campus, walking around with either a yanyard stuck round their necks all day, bulky new laptop bags (which you can even smell the new polyester bag smell meters away) or just spotting the very plain gong look™. Personally its time where people learn not to bring laptops to campus in the rather generic laptop bags. Instead bring them to school in your school bag instead, thats my advise of not telling everyone that you have a thousand over dollar device in your procession, not to mention cutting down the possibility of thief, etc. Such noob behaviour can really make you just smack your head in dismay whenever you encounter them. You can only remark “first day in campus heh?” & you just wish you can simply corrupt their clean minds, which my gang kinda did to a few by telling few groups that lanyards aren’t really too compulsory, (as they will soon learn).

Met up with my old class during the common lectures & had some real friendly reunion then, too bad can’t really spend much time there as we all have separate classes to attend now, especially with the class strength now reduced to 15 from 21 last semester, otherwise, class of DME 25 is still going strong.

8am lectures all started with a roughed out, non-shaven, grumpy me, strolling into the lecture with a school blazer & undone messy hair hidden under a baseball cap. Always just on time for class with a cup of hot coffee in one hand & books on the other whenever I enter the hall. All to survive multi hour long morning lectures

For me, its just getting the hang of class 30. Its a fun & noisy class overall, (& I mean real noisy too for a small class of 9) maybe you can blame it on some real hyper people like us in the class. I guess we can’t do anything though, we are the noisy people , & I guess that is what makes of a designer which stands out & think of the box after all! Whats more, only on Wednesday, I found out that one of my classmates is my NS unit driver! oh my its a small world.

Lecturers & Teachers
So happen that each & everyone from my class have their own personal tutor now, oh man definitely didn’t see that coming! Anyway my tutor is Mr Ting Keng Soon, same teacher which took me for CD as of last semester. A good friendly guy I say, so I guess its ok having him as a personal tutor. But funny as he doesn’t teach me any modules at all! My CNC (Computer numerically controlled class) practical teacher is my last semester’s workshop practice teacher, Mr. Kem Chak Kee. So it good seeing old faces again, with the exception of all the other modules having new faces.

Modules for this Semester

  • Mechanics II
  • Thermofluids II
  • Computer Aided Design
  • Computer Aided Machining
  • Engineering Maths II
  • Product Design & Development
  • Design Technique & Skills
  • Online Entrepreneurship

Besides this, the CCA signup week is also on this week, not to mention the booth to man & managing intake of freshies to the club. Cheers to Derrick, Eugene, Khow Ming, Desmond etc & the rest of those in the CIE class.

16th Apr
Sunday, April 16th, 2006

School Reopens Monday

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SP Admin Block

Well, school reopens tomorrow, Monday. You can just sense overall change in aura lately, like rushing to get last minute chores done & such, not to mention the sudden offset of school dismay & bitching you can get off your friends & classmate’s personal messages in MSN.

It’s gonna be the end of semester for those in College, with summer holidays coming at the end of the academic year. For us in Poly, the summer holidays is not very much of a holiday either, spring holidays you may say (a very much shorter one too with the early start of academic year tomorrow). For many I guess, including me, with most of our time caught up at work or at ITP attachments, there is nothing much left to enjoy. But personally its better than spending 25 hours a day in front of the computer gaming or “mapling” like what some of my friends do. & the worst thing is they couldn’t tell the difference between Far East plaza & Far East shopping center!

Well, its 5pm & the sky is so dark it just looks like twister is approaching. Would be picking mum & dad off at Tiong Bahru Plaza after their “Eight Below” movie (& man have I not driven in like months!). Then it will be off again so some special buffet surprise location for dinner, which mum always never cease to always amaze us with.

😉 Next semester, new class new faces again. But this time this will be my class for the next 2 years, so dun play play! Must go through ice-breakers again, not to mention making good impressions I guess, cos this is the class group which will ultimately determine whether you enjoy or suffer the rest of poly years. Why a new class so soon? well as I already did my option at the end of year one DME (contrary to the usual at year 2), now I am in DME – CIE (Creatively Innovation & Enterprise) Option, so you can very much call us “Design Engineers”.

SP T14 Block

Sad to see the parting of my previous class, haha I love that class, 25. But it seems that personal wants outweigh class-hood – with many transferring to DMA (aeronautical engineering) courses because of perceived prestige & higher pay prospects I believe, or maybe just because they made the requirement & were invited over after the result release.

DMA is one of the toughest courses to enter, requiring at least 12- 14pts at ‘O’ Levels. Ultimately I believe in not following the crowd, I mean heck I could enter DMA or any course in SP if I wanted at enrollment, but I will just stick to my guns in this current “dumping ground course” & do what I like to do – The CIE option.

😯 Class starts at 9am for me tomorrow lasting all the way to 5pm with only an hour’s lunch break in between. It will be another challenging semester, my time table had never been so packed before, going home at 5pm at almost every other day except Wednesdays, (which I would be seeing myself staying till then too). I guess long & stressful year-2 stories so wisely told by my seniors are fast becoming reality now.

13th Apr
Thursday, April 13th, 2006

Not CoreDuo after all

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Fujitsu T4020 Tablet PC

With CoreDuo laptops slowly making it’s way into the market, apparently some tech-savy consumers like me is fad up in waiting for such new computers to hit mainstream, whether its a new laptop for my sis or a new tablet for me.

It just takes too long for any new processor release to come out, especially when you urgently need a laptop for school.

In that limelight, I guess I would not wait for Fujitsu to launch the new coreduo tablets (aimed around end this year) & get the year-old Sonoma Laptops, mainly due to 4 reasons:

  1. Firstly, its taking computer companies freakin’ forever to release one,
  2. even if it out, it will be freakin’ expensive, (especially for tablet PCs) & moreover,
  3. it will take months before it’s offered to schools at student rates, often being 4) largely scaled down models (in terms of specs) contrary to those offered to direct regular consumers.

But won’t doing so be an insult to all my research? Not to mention time spend into spotting of good hardware which can last a consumer? Personally even if that is so, the bad out weighs the good I believe. I guess when you need a laptop now, the more important thing is to get it when you need it then.

The Laptop I will be getting for Sheena will be a 2Ghz Centrino 760 Laptop with 1GB ram, DVD-RW writer & ATI X600 graphics card. Despite being 1 year old tech, its still quite a powerhouse I can say, more than sufficient to last her a long time for multimedia work, casual gaming & into the Windows Vista operating system with Aeroglass enabled. I won’t mention on the brand & price here, as it meant to be a surprise for her, so as mum wanted.

For me, I will be going for the very much slower (1.73Ghz) yet funnily, much more expensive Fujitsu T4020 tablet PC. I had been eyeing this model since last September, hoping that Fujitsu releases a successor to it, but I guess even if they do, even with different specs (Current Sonoma, Intel GMA900, compared to the speculated new CoreDuo, Intel GMA950 model, & considering my 4 points listed above) both models still sux ass at 3D gaming, but more than enough for regular school work, lectures & photoshopping/programming so whats the point waiting? Moreover, if I get a tablet now, life will be so much easier for me at school & work. Not to mention able to start on my online webcomic, Ratz!

12th Apr
Wednesday, April 12th, 2006

Shiong Training

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SP water polo @ pool

Training was up yesterday, ran like 10 sets of 400m round the track at no more than 90secs per round, almost peng san at the last few rounds, but managed a 82secs at the last round, (though coach actually intended 25rounds).

The running track will be closed 14th – 20th April, so training for this Friday & next Tuesday will very much be outside, coach hinted a relaxing 5km+ jog round the sunset way canal route, followed by strengthening exercises on easter Friday morning’s training, a very much welcome compared to yesterday’s shiong training.

I guess knowing this many would turn up for Friday’s training I guess. SGrunners will be having their Good Friday Macritchie morning run on Friday, 7.30am guess I wouldn’t be able to make it then.

11th Apr
Tuesday, April 11th, 2006

Chores, work… oh & pizza

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Personal pan pizza takeaway

Life is like a box of takeaway pizza, a single entity in a box of vastness fit for a regular pizza, just like the one I’ve today after lunch. You must be surprised at me eating pizza all of a sudden, well if it won’t for dad & this company providing free pizza hut coupons for personal pan & snack combo redemption, furthermore with them expiring by 15th April, what can I do? In relation, I guess that very much explains some situations I was in these few days, whether its tons of chores to catch up with so little time, yet all couped up so small in a world so big. I had been trying to find time to blog, but didn’t considering having to finish jobs at work & chores before school reopens next week.

Few of the chores left to do includes revamping the dead download section & portfolio page over the week, hopefully before school reopens. On a side note, manage to find my old Unreal Tournament CD for a few hours of “let off steam sessions” with the old enforcer pistol, totally rocks.

My phones’s battery is dying on me, I had been trying to look for a new phone to replacing my aging, Siemens SX1. Considering having it for almost 3 years 24/7, I guess the battery life depreciation is reasonable I guess. The LG P7200 looks nice, but it’s battery life is notorious out of the box, not my kind of phone. I guess its back to waiting then.

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