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1st Jan
Saturday, January 1st, 2005


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Hey its still new year’s day so I guess its still not too late to post up my new year resolutions. 2005 started off as a pleasant wet year so far, would see about stuffs & so then.

:idea: Resolutions
- Be happier.
- Don’t get worked up so easily.
- Eat more healthily.
- Exercise more regularly (at least 3 times a week).
- Spend less time in front of the computer.
- Save more money.
- More time management.
- Play more electric guitar.
- Draw an artpiece at least one a week.
- Dig up my old k2s & start learning/revising aggro-skating.

Furthermore 2005 is the year I will be turning 21. Wonder whats up for plans then, also my birthday falls on the good friday of the year too 25th of march. Woo holiday!

:lol: Highlights for 2005
- Leaving the army, ORD on 17th June 2005 after 2years+ serving in the army.
- Sister would be starting tertiary education.
- The Singapore organ donation scheme would be applicable to me then
- Spending limits for cards raised at the age of 21!

:wink: Big aims/ambitions for 2005
- Get into college, pref one of my choice.
(Bachelor of mechanical engineering & industrial design in Monash university).
- Start building up a reputation in the Singapore design industry.
- Start working on freelance designing work to raise money for my college education. (Costs $50,000 a year) so that it won’t be so hard on my parents.

:mrgreen: Wishes for 2005
- Don’t lose anybody. (The world is so uncertain these days)
- Maybe gain some vertical height…
- Get to meet that special someone…
- Get commissioned for my artwork.

& hey! I am done! 2005 here we come!

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