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8th Sep
Wednesday, September 8th, 2004

Hp ipaq hx4700

Posted by Shaun at 11:04 pm under Gadgets | 12797 Reads | 1 Comment

Wow.. drools, looks like I can throw away my wishlist for either the Asus mypal730 or Toshiba e830. Step side, cos the HP hx4700 is here!

drool, drool, drool, drool 😈

Oh yea, on some happenings today, went for a driving lesson where my instructor Mr Tan allowed me, for the first time myself so go anywhere I want freeform driving after doing my revisions, whee freedom, multiple directional change stunts, record 1 < min parrallel & vertical parking. Furthermore, managed to get my old Sony mini-DV cam to transfer video to my computer. The main problem lies in the i-link (firewire) port on the camera which could had been unknown-ly damaged previously, so I am very much left to use the other 2 output formats, A/V ports or S-video. Checkout the new NTUC for some S-video cables which I got for 10 bucks, after a few trail & error here & there with my happauge winTV video capture & willoa! video in & smooth. Dang now I have 4 useless firewire ports on my computer.. maybe I should get a portable harddrive or something someday too....

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