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18th Jan
Sunday, January 18th, 2004

I feel good… And maxonline 1500 promo

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The morning-afternoon period did felt very relaxing and good… should enjoy and relax more.

*stares blankly into space* *thinks* *thinks*

Grrrr, its mid-jan and wheres my Siemens SX1?

But hey, my mum got my room a new wind chime… coolz.. *poke* *poke* *poke*

Some starhub promotor, Mr Low called on the phone to promote their maxonline 1500. Though I usally adopt the thank-you-anyway-slam-down-the-phone-technique I just decided to talk as I was quite “free” (boliao) atfer that I did find some interest in his promotion. Considering that I am paying about $57 a month for 256kpb unlimited connection a month on singnet, 1500 offers 1500kps @ $58 all the way a month. Though i may consider lags due to shared bandwidth.. etc its one offers which I could consider with any one of the free promotional gifts: A 14″ Thomspon TV and dvd player, Xbox or cable modem installation.

The xbox one was like a “wah?” when he mentioned free… I already have a DVD player and who would be dumb enough to go for the free cabe modem installation costing only 90 bucks? the xbox offer is a good deal. Mmmm could consider could consider…. than maybe I would downgrade my singnet account to a $10/mth just to keep my old e-mail address.

Chinese new year is on next wednesday… whee!

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