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Final Year Project

All things of my FYP here

My motion simulator final year project in SP- revisited

Bringing out the engineer in you I believe The Radical motion simulator project was a subject of interest for my of my juniors in the Singapore Polytechnic doing their FYP now. It been about 5...

On the Media!

Lol, was just told by my intelligence network that I appeared on Tonight TV news, Channel News Asia a few moments ago, that one was the interview about my FYP motion simulator project I...

SP Open House & Spinnovex 2008 Day 3

Today is the last day of the SP Open house Spinnovex 2008 final year project showcase. The day started off as a lazy but otherwise smooth morning prior the opening of the event. There...

SP Open House & Spinnovex 2008 Day 2

The second day of Spinnovex started with us finally able to get hold of our goodie bags and finally some ice-cream to chow on- allowing us to relax after working a whole day on...

Spinnovex 2008 Day 1

Today is the 1st public opening day of the SP open house and Spinnovex 2008. That is also when the crowds start flooding in to view all the various exhibited items on display as...

Gearing up for Spinnovex 2008

After many long weeks, not to mention Saturday and Sundays (Thanks going to our TSO) working on my final year project, today is the day where we get to move into the main exhibition...

Project postings are out! Got the Plaza Tentage position!

Got the result of the Spinnovex 2008 posting today. My team is heading for a confirmed spot in the Grand Plaza Tentage! Yea! *jumps round room for a while* And so are 5 other...

Reanimating Project Work

The last 2 project weeks saw disappointment being unable to submit our fabrication and parts order due to red tape in our school system and financial department to raise project budget. Hope things goes...

Run run run, hush on final year projects

Went for a short 16km run this evening after a week of absence from the sport, maybe I am saturated with glucose or so, but the run was totally effortless and I never felt...

Radicurl FYP Simulator software working!

After countless efforts over the past few days in the workshop to get the software for our simulator force feedback calculator to work, our fruits are starting to pay off - we managed to...

More darn changes to the simulator design

It turns out some projects will require constant design revisions to be perfect. Got news from my teammate that our supervisor wants another design change to the design of the simulator, namely making it...

Gearing up for school reopening, booth done

Popped by school today to meet up with my FYP teamamtes Khowming who was already there with other coursemates. Danson could not make it today due to some last minute issue on his part....


Exploring and dining at Colbar restaurant at Whitchurch Road

Colbar is a retro open air restaurant tucked in a rustic neighbourhood. They serve an old-school selection of Hainanense western food as well as...

Google Pixel 3a released

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