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Monday, September 16, 2019
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Rediscovering SAT and my NBL local library! Whoa they have flippy book thingies?

In this age of the internet, anything (literally) is almost a Google away. I always had the impression that you can always find anything you want on the net, let be research stuffs, etc,...

A “worthwhile” day

Today will be unlike most of my usual saturdays. Namely able to actually get out of camp with energy to go to the driving center (Bukit Batok) for registration, shop and even spend the...

Project postings are out! Got the Plaza Tentage position!

Got the result of the Spinnovex 2008 posting today. My team is heading for a confirmed spot in the Grand Plaza Tentage! Yea! *jumps round room for a while* And so are 5 other...

Revised art gallery up

The site was down yesterday, (damn host) which kinda delayed the upload of the new art gallery. Anyway, its all up now with full glory, check it out!

Cambridge 2008 Trinity prospectus in the mail! Some thoughts on Imperial league admissions

About 2-3 days after I requested a 2008 prospectus from Cambridge. It arrived in a shiny wrapped blue envelope, the lack of any intrusive airmail postage and the impressive short delivery time probably signals...

Taking a Break

Just as how carefree the kacang puteh man sold me snacks at the Catay previously, makes me wonder that sometimes, the best things in life are the simple little things- Simple little things which...

Blood Donation Drive in Singapore Polytechnic

Generally I only see myself donating blood about once every year, otherwise I won't be able to do so when training picks up, if not my coach will really drain my blood if I...

It’s Sun-turday.

Mmm, its saturday, but it feels like sunday, partly because of the deja-vu of booking in tonight. Yes tomorrow is a work day for me. :cry: I can say that its also a very...

25 Dumbest moments in gaming

Check out this funny article I came across at gamespy today, simply hilarious. Check it out at here. Currently Listening: Nothing!

New Kuala Lumpur Sungai Buloh Kajang MRT, Malaysia

The MRT Sungai Buloh–Kajang line is the ninth rail transit line in the capital city of Kular Lumpur (KL), Malaysia. It was built as part of Greater KL/Klang Valley Integrated Transit System. I was...

Happy New Year with 2018 Fireworks at Marina Bay

I was at the Marina Bay "the float" on new year's eve to catch the countdown party at the floating platform, as well as the 2018 Fireworks at Marina Bay. It was pouring heavy...


Izmailovsky Flea Market

Izmailovsky Flea Market is a small dedicated tourist flea market situated in the East district of Moscow City, Russia. It is the go-to place...

Kolomenskoye Ascension Church Moscow

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Wirecard Labs Innovation showcase

Wirecard hosted a sharing and innovation day. It comprises of sharing and discussion sessions together with technology showcases. Wirecard is one of the world’s...