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Thursday, April 9, 2020
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Education scene

Had the SAT I reasoning test this morning.. and yup, it was relatively easy compared to the last time I took it. Didn't studied for it as usual, partly because I don't have the...

MTV asia awards

Well, the MTV asia awards is on tomorrow. Good for those who managed to get hold of the tickets through those endless begging and calling through perfect 10 hotlines, you are sure a lucky...

Singapore Frag Fest ’03

Ok guys, here comes some good stuffs, the Singapore Frag Fest '03.Here are the details, courtesy of Mr t3mp3st, our networking Guru.March 21st - 23rd are the current dates for the event. They may...

Shout People!

Lookie left! O_o a shoutbox! yea that a new edtion to the site, feel free to SHOUT anytime you want on the site, you can start a 'live chat' right here!Also, fixed: resolution resize...

Code up & running

Finally! got the news section code and comments system settled, reset it and cleared all previous entries. Thanks to GamerZ pointing out the problem to me. Now its time to focus my attention to...

DSO labs assessment

Jus came back from the *test* early this morning. It some DSO labs assessment thingy @ science park- to determine whether you will be sweating out in the fields or sitting in front of...

Site up & functional

The site's pretty well much up and running already. Dude, did the tons of php coding on the blog entry and comments section- sure kinda whocked me up in the afternoon, till I got...

Design Version 10 up!

Ok, as promised, V10.0 is up dudes! feel free to romp around the site. In the meantime, I have to adjust some pages to fit the new color scheme, so please bear with it....

Woo news page up!

This is a news test page. The news section will be up on friday afternoon (8+ GMT). Sorry for any inconvience caused

Functional check 2

Got the new blog system up, ported from my previous databases, so here goes, test test testing, 1, 2, 3.


Hello. test test

Build your own personal computer- Additional cabling for output ports

Article table of contents Introductory components Installing the CPU & memory Casing & installing the motherboard (aka mobo) Graphics, soundcard & add-on cards Internal & external media drives installation Cabling, PSU, case LED lights...


25 degrees late night burger bar G Hotel

25 degrees burger is a bar and restaurant serving gourmet burgers in the heart of town in the Bencoolen neighborhood. The hotel bar offers...

Bruxie fried chicken Las Vegas

Heart Attack Grill Fremont Las Vegas

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Shares of our local banks are not the only ones tumbling with the COVID-19 outbreak. UOB, OCBC and DBS had over the past day...

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