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Wednesday, February 26, 2020
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Am free!

Thank you guys for all the birthday greetings, letters and messages I really appreciate it. If you didn't get to catch it, my birthday was on the 25th of this month. And most of...

Disruption test

Though my birthday is next tuesday, the celebrations with my family are already done, the singapore fragfest is also on, not to mention all the birthday celebration call ups. However, though all these anticipation,...

Birthday dinner

Will be celebrating my birthday dinner tonite, at Jack's place Ang Mo Kio, had been sometime I sank my teeth into those medium done steaks! yum yum! Will be visiting my grandparents living nearby thereafter,...

Chinese Doctor

Its counter it or suffer. This morning, my dad brought me to see a close friend of his who is a chinese doctor. Opened his store at pearl center specially today just to see...

Tekong Cough

This week is cough and sore throat week, yea...all the PT and shouting, echoing and singing, I've lost my voice for the last 2 days, dammit. It said so too that the water on...


The Colt M16S1 assault rifle which I would using soon. A time which I had been looking forward to. Guess all those time spent on time crises arcade and first person shooter games will...

Book Out!

My 2nd book out day was yesterday. Yea, went for a good dinner with my family at YMCA stevens road. They had completely revamped the menu. And the food is of a lower standard...


Haha, my results are not that good. But passed everything, so distrupting NS and retaking the A levels again at school is completely out of the question. Maybe I am hoping for a degree...

Book Out!

AFTER 2 1/2 weeks in tekong! Haha, this is my first book out (to get the "A"level results), hair short (otherwise much more grown than the first day of cut), clean shaven..otherwise, not far...

Off I go then!

Bags packed, stuffs ready. Off to tekong I go, first thing tomorrow morning. Will miss my family, friends, my stuffs. New challenges ahead, I come! We tasted of a world unknown Surely there must be something better...

Military and stuffs

In the light of our current situation, the reality of war against Iraq is kinda looming above our heads. Reading from the papers, many had protested against that: millions in Europe and thousands in...

Pre-enlistment blues.. umm fun

Yea, there will always come a time in Singapore where there guys kinda "leave" society for national service. My time is almost here, 18th February to be excat for basic miliary training (school 1)...


Checking out Don Don Donki Central mall Clark Quay

There is nothing stopping the wave that is Don Don Donki. Just this month, the Japanese establishment recently opened their newest and 6th establishment...

Google Pixel 3a released

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