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Monday, September 16, 2019
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What a Saturday!

I remember reading my horoscope last Sunday stating that "I would be working harder than usual". True enough, I was so caught up with work, school & business, busy enough not even to be...

CERN first test fire successful.

Far out in the Franco–Swiss border near Geneva, CERN's (The European Organization for Nuclear Research) first phase of single directional beam fire was successful. It will be a matter of no time where the...

Fevers, SGH, Pokes back and school reopens, and some news too!

You may not have not seen me up around here lately besides poking out the occasional shoutbox, the main reason this week is the official Mid-Semester Test week, which remarkably makes various places like...

Whee its saturday

Nothing special today, just spent the day at home playing Counter-strike, Battlefield 1942 & working on the second draft of the my flash work. Other than that, visited grans later in the evening. Dropped...

Happy Birthday Mum, Semester 3 Results

Treated mum to lunch at our usual favorite chicken rice stall, with all the extras, my plate itself costs $4. Well, it's times where you get to dine and enjoy the times as family,...

Networking site restraints and blogging compel-lance

It had been sometime since I last wrote an entry in here. I am starting to think that maybe Facebook or Twitter may be taking over the possible hassle of blogs. But I do...

Happy Deepavali!

Happy Deepavali to all Hindus celebrating the occasion today. It's a public holiday and a much needed breather from school today. At least tomorrow's friday! TGIF!

Singapore Buddhist welfare centre

:lol: Here I am in front of the computer with a spoon starting on & a tub of half-finished Walls Very Berry Strawberry ice-cream, my favorite. Yes I am gonna to finish it, no...

Off to 5th gear & above

So much for highway codes… & the quayside sign… still find that a rather funny signboard *duh* Its the second day of the bike course, and hey its rev rev the scrambler bike up...

Top 50 things to do in a Final Exam

Had some spare relaxation time before my paper today, went around surfing for stuffs to keep my mind free & clean & chanced upon these few funny articles.. haha hilarious! Top 50 things to...

New Coaster at Cedar Point dudes!

Behold, the next world's tallest and fastest roller coaster in the world, set to have a 2003 debut, it sure rocks baby- 0 to194 Kph in 4seconds up a 126m tower. Woot! ..Me wishes try...

Back to camp

Tonight is book-in day again, after one month of out-camp training... *sigh* good "luxuries" have to come to an end. Got all my barang barang packed and ready. Here we go. Currently Listening: Tatu -...


Izmailovsky Flea Market

Izmailovsky Flea Market is a small dedicated tourist flea market situated in the East district of Moscow City, Russia. It is the go-to place...

Kolomenskoye Ascension Church Moscow

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