When you suffer a major setback in life, whether it be a loss of a loved one, a divorce or a redundancy, sometimes getting away from it all and traveling for a while, can prove to be invaluable therapy.

Several studies have shown the psychological advantages travelling delivers. Here, we’ll look at why travel can be really good for the soul and help you through difficult times.

A literal escape from your worries

Traveling literally removes you from your worries. Whatever setback you’re going through, it can be difficult to overcome the stress and sadness of the situation when you’re surrounded by constant reminders.

So, packing your bags and traveling to a new destination can really help you to get away and clear your head. Your worries will seem a million miles away once you touch down in a new country. What’s more, your travelling experience will ensure you maintain a level of “zen” even when you return home.

Helping you to reinvent yourself

When you’re bogged down by difficult times, it’s common to lose a sense of yourself. This is especially true when you’re going through a divorce. Divorces can be emotionally draining, stressful and often nasty to deal with. Even with the best divorce lawyer it can take its toll emotionally. That’s why many people choose to go travelling either while their divorce is going through, or as a celebration that it’s finally over.

You’ll learn so much more about yourself when you travel. Away from all of the stress and worry back home, you’re able to concentrate purely on yourself. Meeting and interacting with people from different cultures can be a real eye-opener on your travels. It opens up the mind, letting you see there really is so much more to life than the stresses and worries back home. By the time you get home, you’ll be a much stronger, better version of yourself.

Releasing stress and boosting happiness

Daily life is stressful enough, but when you go through a setback it can quickly become overwhelming. Stress can have a profound effect on your wellbeing, causing everything from sleepless nights to depression. Travelling is known to reduce stress and boost happiness.

As you travel, it allows the mind to relax and recharge. Your cortisol levels will reduce, leaving you feeling much calmer and more content. It also provides you with the opportunity to think clearly about your goals as well as your personal interests. Even if you can only afford to travel for a few days, it can still have a significant positive impact on your health and happiness.

Overall, while travel won’t necessarily eliminate your problems back home, it will give you the space and clarity you need to figure out how to resolve them. Sometimes, all we need is a little time out to clear and refocus the mind on what’s truly important – ourselves. So, if you’re going through a difficult time and you have the funds available, why not look into travelling for a while?


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