One of the key areas your children can experience while at school is physical education. With this in mind, it is essential that schools encourage young adults to get involved with PE as much as possible. Not only will it help to keep them fit and healthy, it will also encourage sporting habits for later in their adult life. Singapore provides an excellent example of how increased engagement with PE can made a truly positive difference to young adults.

How key is exercise in the Singapore curriculum?

In the past, although PE was taught in Singapore schools, there was a feeling that more could be done to encourage young adults to participate. This led the Ministry of Education in Singapore to change the PE syllabus in 2014 and to formally timetable one more hour of PE each week for pupils. It was expected that all schools in Singapore would have adopted this new PE syllabus fully by the end of 2017. To further cement this change, a new Exercise and Sport O Level is due to replace the PE O level currently being offered during 2018.

Are there other ways that schools can encourage activity?

As well as the formal curriculum lessons in PE, schools are also looking at other ways in which they can promote exercise to encourage healthy growth into adulthood. Inter-class competitions in schools have been introduced with the aim of making playing sports more fun and getting more young adults involved. It is also expected that many schools will run after-school sports clubs to make exercise even easier for pupils to access and enjoy.

Singapore schools that are leading the way

As noted above, the new PE syllabus has been in operation for a few years, and all schools in Singapore are expected to be running it by now. One school that has already seen the benefit is Seng Kang Secondary School where regular lessons focus on physical activity and how to live a healthy lifestyle. North Vista school also values the new emphasis on PE and they run advanced lessons with class sizes kept as small as possible. Catholic High is another Singaporean school that has jumped onboard with the new syllabus and has noted how effective it is for students looking to prepare for a career in the sporting industry.

International schools are also highlighting the importance of PE

If you go to any international baccalaureate school in Singapore, then PE will also be high on their agenda. In the same way local schools in Singapore know the real benefits that regular PE lessons bring, the international schools do as well. They make sure to provide every opportunity for young adults to participate in sports via formal lessons and school sports teams.

Physical activity is essential for young adults

As we have seen from the above, making sure that young adults are encouraged to exercise and enjoy sports is vital in schools. Not only does it set them up for a potential future career in sports, but it also helps them keep healthy. The schools and government in Singapore are doing all they can to make this happen.


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