The Learning forest is a new secondary forest extension of the Singapore Botanical Gardens. Located at the South east portion of the gardens at the new Tyersall-Gallop core, the new attraction sector sits on the outskirts beyond the USENSO portion of the botanical gardens. If you are coming from the south Tanglin gate, the new attraction is walkable (wheelchair accessible), and is a short 15 minute stroll past the Swan lake, where a short uphill climb will bring you to the iconic “walk of giants” and cargo net play area.

learning forest 04
The SPH walk of Giants
learning forest 08
View at top
learning forest 10
Tree top walk Nets!

The SPH walk of Giants is a 2-storey free-standing open structure which elevates you from the ground level right up to the upper tree line. You can either take the stairs up or use the elevator. On the top platform, you will be greeted by two large 5 by 5 meter openings in the structure, made to accommodate the trunks of two mature trees. A combination of interlinked cargo nets bridges this gap to the trees, suspending you a full 2 floors over the secondary forest foliage below the structure which you can use as a giant hammock or trampoline (just don’t bounce off anyone else currently on the net). Not quite for those with vertigo!

learning forest 32
The learning forest broadwalk
learning forest 07
Info boards
learning forest 59
Entrance of Learning forest

The forest walk section of the Learning forest connects to the walk of giants and brings you deeper into the forest on a wooden broadwalk path lined with a variety of information boards and point of interests along the route, such as the “Products of the forest” and “Bark of trees” sections. As the “Learning forest” attraction name suggests, you get to learn about the type of native trees, general ecosystem and the resident animals which natively reside here. Midway through, you will go past a lake man-made lake called the Keppel wetlands.

learning forest 56
Keppel wetlands
learning forest 41
Overlooking the wetlands
learning forest 35
Casarium drive from bridge

The Keppel wetlands home to a variety of mangrove plants, as well as marsh land animals and birds which nests along the banks of this enclosed freshwater lake. A distinct overlooking sky bridge links the carpark entrance of the Learning forest over the said wetlands right into the forest itself. If you prefer to drive, the Tyersall Gate carpark and visitor drop-off point here is the closest to the attraction and brings you right up into the forest via the Keppel discovery wetlands.

learning forest 48
Durian Theory
learning forest 43
Wetlands overview
learning forest 52
Bamboo Forest

The Learning Forest itself is about just over a kilometer long and walk can be covered under 30
The route runs parallel along Tyersall Avenue outside the gardens, and overlooking Casarium drive within the park itself. Despite being surrounded by greenery and flora, you still get hints of city and road noise from outside the edge of the reserve area, constantly reminding you that you are surrounded and still smacked right in the heart of urban Singapore. The short trail ends on the Durian Theory section, where you can return back to the start point through the Bambusetum, a sparse collection of over 30 species of tropical bamboos by circling back to the said Keppel wetlands area through the Wild fruit trees garden- home to natural occurring species of edible fruit plants such as Lychee, nutmeg, Jackfruit, Bananas, Starfruit and Mangosteen back to the Tyersall carpark/drop-off point or via Casarium drive.

View more photos of the Learning Forest here.


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