No universal park is complete without venturing into their Jurassic park franchise. The Jurassic park themed area of the park, called the “Lost world” is modeled after the second Jurassic park movie, themed after the doomed tropical park from the 90s Steven Spielberg hit film Jurassic Park and based off Michael Crichton’s novel. The ride to catch here will be the river rapids ride. Though the ride is modeled after the Florida park version, I found the water ride rather well done and unique to the other Jurassic park water rides in other Universal theme parks. The Singapore version uses shoot the chute Hafema onmi-directional river rapids gondolas, different from the typical Intamin river boat ride which are mostly clones of the same boat ride in the rest of the world.

through the main gate
Welcome to Jurassic park
the loading bay
River rapids adventure ride
it protects u from bites too!
Won’t be needing these!

The Jurassic Park River Adventure has some really nice waterfall theming and takes a similar dinosaur park field-trip turned disaster survival storyline. Here, the dinosaurs had escaped from their pens, running loose in the park, with the ever looming danger of attack, climaxing with a sliding splash down from the hydroelectric plant while escaping from a not-as-scary animatronic T-Rex head. The low entry speed of the final splashdown won’t really make you wet at all, unless you get caught in any of the river current splashes, animatronic dinosaurs squirting water at you or any of the guests choose to drench you with any of the coin-operating soaker-guns located near the end of the ride. Ponchos are available for purchase as well as a couple of coin-operated tornado dryer units.

splash down!
Final splash down
a dollar pop gets them wetter
Squirt them!
A dino themed Zamperla carousel
Dino-Soarin’ carousel

Other notable rides here will include the Zamperla Dino-Soarin’ flying carousel flat ride and Jurassic canopy flyer. The flyer is a hill lift based, gravity run suspended mini coaster built by Setpoint. The ride trains are well themed, with options for two riders to do a quick zip over the Jurassic park sector of the park forward or backwards. It offers a nice bird eye’s view of this park sector in general as well as some glimpse of an overview of the general park areas through the tree canopies.

Pteranodon canopy soarin!
Jurassic canopy flyer
and we can't bring him home...
Captive Raptor Entertainers
diggin' the theming
Entrance of the Discovery food court

Food options here at the Lost world includes food kiosks selling more of the recommended “Dino” Turkey legs as well as the Discover food court if you prefer an air-conditioned sit-down meal. The entrance of the Discovery food court is fronted by a fountain the skeletons of a T-Rex and Stegosaurus posed in battle. If you are lucky you can catch entertainers here with a captive Raptor making their rounds in this part of the park too.

The food court is modeled after the iconic Jurassic park visitor center, and was quite a disappointment- it simply does not even resemble the building in the first movie with only a single floor and is surprisingly tiny. There isn’t much “Discovery” elements in the building at all unlike the one in Florida with floor sprawling of exhibitions and interactive displays teaching about In-Gen works in genetics and dinosaurs.

and into the visitor center
Inside the Discovery Food court
Food court broadwalk
Food court at night

Food is also expensive here; with a plate of chicken rice setting you back almost $12. The rear exit of the food court leads you to the lagoon broad walk giving you unobstructed views of the park lagoon with sci-fi city on the left and Far Far Away on the right. Miscellaneous attractions here include the Amber Rock Climb and Jurassic egg trail.

Park lagoon views
how to train your raptor!
Jurassic egg trail
Live shows!
Waterworld show entrance

One of the highlights of the park will be The Water world performance. Based on the 90s Universal blockbuster movie of a world dominated only by oceans, several elements of the movie are brought back into this live action performance courtesy of Oceaneering International with design inputs from Universal Creative and Industrial Light & Magic. The show is a directly copy to one performed overseas, with several jet ski stunts, as well as an appearance of a swamp boat and Gatling firearms.

the waterworld stage
Waterworld stage
& badabong!
Waterworld performance
that gotta hurt! XD

Two shows are performed daily complete with pyrotechnics is one of the recommended attractions to catch on your visit to the park.


Read on more to continue on to the Ancient Egypt and Sci-Fi City regions of Universal Studios Singapore.


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