The Warner Bros Movie World at Oxenford is home to the coolest rides and best thrill roller coasters in the region. Located along the Pacific motorway and like Seaworld and Wet wet wild, is similarly run by Village Roadshow Theme Parks. The theme park itself is not actually an actual movie studio, but rather a full-fledged theme park in Oxenford, Queensland, right beside the Wet Wet Wild waterpark and the actual Village Roadshow Studios.

goldcoast movieworld 002
goldcoast movieworld 010
Central fountain
goldcoast movieworld 143
Space shot

The park is an Australian roller coaster haven, greeting you at the park entrance is the Green Lantern Coaster is an El Loco-styled Steel coaster made by S&S Worldwide, the ride is possibly the first ride you can go right from the park’s main entrance. Thrill rides here includes a space shot tower (Batwing Space shot) and a shoot-up style dark ride themed to the Justice League universe (Alien Invasion 3D). Access to the rest of the park is made through the Hollywood street set- a large square and center piece for all the performances in the park. The roads here forks to other themed sectors of the park, namely the Looney tunes island, the old West and Gotham city.

goldcoast movieworld 023
Main street performances
goldcoast movieworld 058
Superman Escape
goldcoast movieworld 053
Arkham Asylum

Gotham city area is home to the Superman Escape and Arkham Asylum Shock Therapy roller coasters. Two of the most prominent coasters here. Superman Escape is an Intamin sit-down launched coaster set on the theme of superman saving a subway train from eminent destruction by “flying” it out into the air. The Joker’s Arkham Asylum Shock Therapy is possibly one of the best coasters and my favourite in the park. Previously known as the Top gun ride, the Vekoma Inverted Steel coaster accessible just off main street is nicely themed to an insane Asylum, even complete with little details such as shock helmets inverted coaster cars and a hilarious auto track on the queue wait line area.

goldcoast movieworld 130
Street Parade
goldcoast movieworld 045
Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster
goldcoast movieworld 091
Kiddy area

There are plenty of entertainers on the streets here in Movie World, in addition, the park does daily performances at the central main street area, much to the crowds’ delight. The park also struck my right notes using a highly customised classic wild mouse roller coaster on the Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster. The dark ride utilises an enclosed steel wild mouse made by Mack Rides, with fantastic theming, storytelling with a inclusion of unconventional track elements such as reverse track elements and even vertical lift elements to go with a vanilla wild mouse section, a very unique and very nicely themed ride in my opinion.

goldcoast movieworld 026
Stunt performances
goldcoast movieworld 042
Wild west log flume
goldcoast movieworld 100
Looney tunes Driving school

The road stunt performance is rather bland and less entertaining compared to the Police academy stunt show which used to run previously. The wild west area also seems quite bit out of place and only home to a couple of carnival stalls and a Log flume made by Hopkins Rides located in the Wild West Falls section of the park, a rare find nonetheless to find such classic 80s extended two-conveyor belt hill lift water ride in the world anymore. The Looney tunes sector is largely a family friendly kid-themed area complete with kid-sized thrill rides and roller coaster. There is even a nice Road runner family coaster there too. The park is one of my favourite theme parks in the Gold Coast, but it is just a pity that most of the roller coasters spend their time being down than actually running.

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