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Arghh! wires, NOT, AND, OR, NAND, NOR gates!

I guess today's lesson of electronics is one of the most messiest. But otherwise one of the most fullfilling as we actually get to tinkle with integrated circuits (ICs) on the breadboard (aka circuit...

Those were the Army days (& Compiled achievement list!)

I've always wanted to type in a entry closing my period served in the army with a concluding post of my time there. Finally found the time to get this done. Overall, alot of people...

Finally, details on the Biathlon!

Whee! Heres the juice: Hi All! Thanks for your participation! Just a gentle reminder... Date: 2nd of July 2005 (Saturday) ReportingTime: 9.00am Venue: Singapore Polytechnic Swimming Pool Registration Fee: $5 Contact Person: Amelia 96864138/ Liza 94761462 Things to bring: Swimming Attire ...

Company- Step One.

I have always longed to run a company on my own, maybe its the desire I have in my blood to be a boss of my own. So after some long homework, gone...

Batman Begins

Met Cous Gordon at around 6.30pm at Shawhouse Jade, its one of the few hangouts outskirt of town where we are sure to get movie tickets for the hottest blockbusters no matter what the...

Busy busy!

If I am not wrong, Initial-D opens today islandwide, you definitely can't miss it with the trailers running on loops on TV mobile, sure bores anyone to death on the bus. But I haven't...

Sheena’s birthday cum father’s day cum my ORD dinner

Sheena's birthday cum father's day cum my ORD dinner

ORD Loh!

And there I was, driving off to camp after school, drivin' off to camp after school - one last time! Whee, can't believe the day had finally arrived when I get to officially be...

Review of budget x50v VGA out cable from PC-mobile

As we all know, one of the main features the x50v has is the ability to output video (or mirror) its display onto computer monitors or projectors. Perfect for students like me offering presentations...

Track & Field

Track & Field, SP disabled biathlon SWCDC

Short after school leisure

Today started as a lazy tried day. Didn't expect to play pool after school. Recapping, think didn't get much sleep yesterday or so, busy with work, play & things like that. No wonder I...

Chauffeur for the day

You can always expect something when dad leaves home on a saturday morning to work, on overtime. Strangely commuting to work by bus & leaving the car parked at home. Sure enough, mum later...


Exploring and dining at Colbar restaurant at Whitchurch Road

Colbar is a retro open air restaurant tucked in a rustic neighbourhood. They serve an old-school selection of Hainanense western food as well as...

Google Pixel 3a released

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Smart Nation & U Downtown East

Smart Nation & U Downtown East is a short 2 day event held over this weekend at the Pasir Ris estate, Singapore. The tech...

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